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Club Dues

House Events

House Party Club Dues

As said below, club dues are not a pay for play, or prostitution scenario. These dues go toward the location, the food, the supplies, and other expenses incurred by the club to operate these events. Prostitution is illegal, and will never be condoned at our events. Please be aware this goes along with vastly increased amenities and available square footage for the party. The increase in what you get, compared to the increase in cost, is significantly beneficial to you.

Club dues, are dues that are pre-paid. Club membership grants access to its monthly lifestyle event. Location information will be sent upon successfully pre-paying your club dues. Club dues are collected thru a system on Eventbrite uses it's own processor to process all of its payments. ID's will be checked at the door, if you are unable to present your "ticket" recognizing that you have prepaid your club dues. Club dues go toward food, soft drinks, water, supplies, the location cost and more. Club dues, are never in any regards to indicate a pay for play, or prostitution scenario, as this is illegal and forbidden at all AWMClub events.

Pay at the Door Policy

WE DO NOT ALLOW ANY CASH AT THE DOOR! The club is understanding that some people prefer to pay at the door, or are unable to prepay for various reasons. The club has decided, that due to our expanded venue - we CAN NOT allow Pay at the door for ANYONE - no exceptions, do NOT ask. We CAN however accept payment IN ADVANCE by either meeting us at our various meet & greets or seeing us out in public.Contact us for details.

Refunds/Attendance Policy

We understand some club members are concerned that they may not be able to attend, we offer as a courtesy to established, in good standing members, the consideration of re-allocating your dues to the following month, as long as notice, that you cannot attend the current event, has been given in a timely manner, no later than the day of the event. YOU MUST CALL / TEXT / EMAIL CARLA DIRECTLY 630-674-6192 Please be clear - we will still uphold our NO REFUND Policy.

If you have any questions in regards to any of the above policies, please contact me for further clarification.

Thank you,