AWMClub Chicagoland's Premiere All Inclusive Adult Lifestyle Club

Club Rules

***Common Sense Rule / Vegas Rule ***

What happens at a Party, stays at a party. No details that can identify anyone should ever be shared. Keep things general and vague. Please and thank you, not everyone can be loud and proud about their lifestyle activities

1.) ROE - (Rules of Engagement)

No Means No

Some people attend to play, others to watch, others to network... Don't be afraid to approach someone, introduce yourself, and inquire as to what they are interested in that evening. Then probably follow this up with, are they interested in doing that with you???

This is probably the foundation of our lifestyle. Very basically, the right to say "yes" is accompanied by the right to say "no". Further explanation is neither necessary nor required. Don't be afraid to be firm. Be polite, but be firm. Unfortunately, if you are not clear in your statement, you may be giving another person or couple the wrong impression. Remember, "no" means "no." Anyone has the right to refuse your advances as you have the right to refuse theirs. Don't expect or ask for any explanation, in this lifestyle an initial "no" will seldom change to "yes" no matter how much persuasion you apply. Not everyone will match perfectly and an improperly handled situation can result in hurt feelings. If there's someone that you would like to swing with, let them know in a friendly manner and accept their response — whatever it may be. If they change their mind, they'll let you know.

2.) No Drugs

Obviously, we cannot allow either the use or possession of any controlled substances on premises. We will not debate this issue at all. What you do on your property is your business, but you don't do it here! Likewise, if you are stoned, ripped, or high; please don't come by. If you need to alter your mind that badly in order to party then you are in the wrong lifestyle. Being drunk does not make you sexy or funny, it only makes you drunk.

3.) No Prostitution

There will be no selling of services of any kind. If caught soliciting, you will be removed from the house and the local authorities will be notified.

4.) Take Care of the Furniture

Please use tables and countertops for your drinks. No one wants to sit in the wet spot! Additionally, we need to ask that if you are not dressed, please place a towel between your bottom and the seating surface of your choosing. Please pick up after yourselves.Take a moment to throw away empty cups and plates.

5.) Regarding Alcohol

We are a BYOB Event, however, please only bring what YOU will consume. We ask that you do not over serve yourself and please act responsibly.

6.) Personal Hygiene

If you really want to bring what could be an intimate evening to an abrupt halt, DON'T SHOWER or BRUSH YOUR TEETH! Nothing is more of a turn-off than body odor and offensive breath. In many ways swinging is just like dating — you still have to make yourself presentable, even more so if you know the evening will involve sexual intimacy. — We provide mouthwash, mints, Body Wash, and Shampoo (not just the hotel mini ones either), we do ask if possible that you bring your own towel, but we will do our best to accommodate those that don't. Also - in between each partner it is crucial to freshen up. We provide wipes for this purpose - no one likes the taste of lube/condoms and it is obviously more hygienic to clean in between partners.

7.) Safer Sex Guidelines

If you're not married to it, or planning on being married to it (we mean if you are NOT established partners), you *will* use a condom at our parties. If you are seeking exception to this rule, you must approach club leadership, as a couple, prior to play.

Change condoms if you are switching between girls, or between vaginal and anal areas.

Refer to section 6, please clean yourself between play sessions, we provide the necessary tools, this is a courtesy to the girls, as much as just good practice.

Please dispose of condoms properly!!

8.) Our parties are like a trip to Vegas

WHAT HAPPENS AT A PARTY STAYS AT THE PARTY!!! No exceptions! You may post about how much fun you had, but please be respectful of others who may need to be discrete for whatever reason!

9.) Allergy Concerns

We have regular members, both guys and girls, that are Latex allergic, and require specialized condoms. We provide those condoms. However, it's important that both guys and girls, wash up with soap and water between partners, to avoid giving someone an allergic reaction.

In Closing

Each member IS responsible for their actions & reactions to choices they personally make while at club events. AWMClub, and it's leadership can not be held liable for any injury or loss of property while attending due to your own negligence or inappropriate behavior.